Welcome to the Writers' Room!

The Writers’ Room is a small group (no more than 12) of committed writers who are working through their books together with me.

I've taken the intense focus, creative cauldron of my small group intensive workshops online.

It’s like having a virtual TV writers’ room, where writers are all on the same level, doing the same deep writing. Everyone in the group is invested in everyone else’s storylines, learning from them, raising the bar for everyone involved. 

We work through everyone's books from PREMISE to FINAL BATTLE, going Act by Act, Story Element by Story Element, with lots of movie examples and breakdowns to illustrate all the concepts we're working with. 

Each Writers Room has its own private message board space for the group to post their assignments, and get detailed feedback from me—and from the other brilliant writers in the room!

You’ll also learn a lot from the answers and feedback I give to other writers in the class - that’s one of the huge benefits of this class.

And here's the real secret: you vastly improve your own writing by brainstorming on other people’s stories! That’s one of the things that has made me a successful professional author and screenwriter: I practice story by helping solve other writers’ story problems, which makes me much more able to solve the problems that come up in my own books and scripts.

Working this way will improve your writing exponentially, and it's way more fun than going it alone.

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Part I 1/2 price in October!

You must be enrolled in the main course to join a Writers' Room

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the workshop to get in a Writers' Room?

Yes. Everyone in the Writers' Room will be working with the videos and assignments in the main workshop.

Do I have to take all four parts of the workshop?

No! You can take as many or as few as you want. You only pay for what you actually use.

Do I have to sign up for a Writers' Room for all four parts of the workshop?

No! You can just do one Act with a Writers' Room, or sign up for a Writers' Room when you find yourself stuck somewhere in the l o o o o n g middle. Whatever you need!

Do I have to do a whole outline before I start writing?

No! Your process is your process. I wouldn’t dream of interfering with that. Some “pantsers” take just Part 1 of the class to get them started with a solid foundation and road map for their book, and then go off and write their first draft, and then come back to the class to work through it more intensively, with feedback, for the second draft. Or they come back somewhere in the middle, when they get stuck and need some help getting unstuck.

I've got a really demanding job (school, spouse, kid/s, mother, father, cat...). What if I get behind?

Life happens! I hope you'll stick around and keep checking in with the group to get the benefit of the conversation, and keep your book active in your mind. But it's fine if you have to take some time off and come back. If you're off for a while, I might put you in a different Writers' Room so you're working with people at the same stage of writing as you are.

But what if it's just not for me?

No problem! Just ask for a refund. There's a 30-day Money-back guarantee!

No questions asked.