Act I Story Elements: THE HUNGER GAMES

Now that we've had an overview of Act I Story Elements, I want to show you how the Eight-Sequence Structure and Key Story Elements work in action, by going through Act I in a couple of very different movies: Selma and The Hunger Games.

We'll start with The Hunger Games. You can buy or rent it here.

  • First, watch it through just to experience it.
  • Then, watch Sequence One of the movie again, and follow along with my video notes. Stop at the end of Sequence One (about 18 minutes in) and review - you can download and read the written breakdown.
  • Then watch Sequence Two to the end of Act I (about 36 minutes in) following along with the notes.

I really recommend that you do this work with both movies, working all the way through each movie, and then do it with a movie you choose from your own Master List, in your chosen genre, identifying the Sequences and each Key Story Element in that movie.

There's no better way to absorb these concepts, and to teach yourself how to make every movie you watch a master class in your craft!

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